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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5th,

I saw a blog, where someone was doing a Challenge of 15 starts in 15 days, from January 1st. Initially I thought it was a good idea to clear some of my stash. I've been contemplating it for a few days, so I am too late to join. Nevertheless, as time goes by, I have decided 15 starts in 15 days, would just overwhelm me. Not that I don't have that many charts/patterns in my stash hoard.

I unashamedly do!

However, I don't drink, I don't smoke & I certainly don't go out with bad women!!!

So stash is my vice.

That being said, the problem for me would be that I may not have the floss & fabric for such a challenge, mind I said, "may not". With all that I do have, I feel I need some restraint, & don't need to go fetch more. Well, that's my excuse for not participating in this challenge. LOL :)
On the other hand, it has given food for thought . I could make a list of the items I hope to make as completions or starts.

More contemplation needed, perhaps I can just switch off like these two, then come up with the "list"

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