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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4th, New Moon Date.

As today is the 4th in this part of the world, here is the first month, New Moon photograph of my "ORT" jar for the TUSAL. As you can see it is partially filled. I think I started it late 2009, and then did not save many threads till the middle of last year. It lived in my sewing room where I rarely sit to stitch. Now that it is nearby, I can easily add my orts.
It's warm and sort of occasionally sunny/overcast. I 've been watching the tennis from Auckland & stitching in between great points, & it's now 5:00pm, local time..


  1. My TUSAL jar is about as full as yours, and I have the DMC wrappers and such in mine as well. My husband jokes it's for some "texture."

    Happy stitching to you!

  2. Beautiful ORTs, Kay! Thanks for joining my SAL!