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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fabric Aquisitions.

When we went home for a visit, three weeks ago, I stopped by one of my favourite patchwork stores. Although I felt like a small child in a lollie shop, with a tad of restraint, I only purchased three fabrics & another special thimble to add to my collection. The fabrics are totally different to what is available here, so one does have a multitude from which to chose, from both sources. I purchased these with a specific plan in mind however, the colours are so delightfully vibrant, I might have to consider using them in another way.

The week before last, our local Guild had a sales table evening. I was able to purchase a small packet of pretty beads, along with two fat quarters. No specific use at the moment, apart from adding this plain colour palette to my stash. Earlier in the year I was in need of this particular shade and I had nothing suitable.


  1. Such pretty fabric, I know what you mean when I go shopping for my crafts I feel like a kid in a candy store as well and get giddy with excitement!

  2. What gorgeous colors! Love the new goodies. :)