Monday, April 12, 2010

I spent some time with my hexagon quilt late last week. In view of the fact, this quilt has been in and out of storage over the last 8.5 years, the progress was quite substantial, in the scheme of things. :):):) I've calculated I need three hundred hexagons for the final egde, not including those I need to complete the front blocks. So I have many more to prepare although, I am still undecided about the brightness of the joining yellow. My plan at present is to continue with the fabric as it is, then if it needs toning down, I can very carefully tea dye the joiners at a later stage. There is no photograph of current progress, however the photo above is from the year before last, when florals & contrasts for the last couple of blocks were still being sorted. It has moved on since then & you can see how far, in an earlier post, dated 22.10.09.

Over the weekend, three small cross stitch items were organised, as portions of gifts yet to be completed, for generous stitching friends. I am a little behind in a couple & one has been waiting for the appropriate moment for bestowing, which I think has now arrived. Photographs when they have been received.
Speaking of cross stitch, this one is from 1994. Hearts are for me, a particular design favourite. This photograph is not great as there appears to be a reflection on the glass, which is not apparent in real life.

I am also working on a patchwork jacket I hope to have completed to wear on Sunday. I have wooden buttons to paint, to add a finishing touch. Another item from my 'to do' or, perhaps it should be my, 'to complete' list. It's certainly a great feeling to get the languishing items, out of the cupboard for their intended purpose.

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