Monday, April 5, 2010

I found a bunch of spinning gum in the florist section of a supermarket last Thursday. My absolute favourite greenery. It's not something I 've found readily available here, however the supermarket was not the regular one I use, so I will know where to look in future.
Normally I have the house bare over Maunday Thursday & Good Friday. I set the greenery out adding the decoration and other flowers late Saturday evening ready for Easter Sunday. The gentle perfume, of this particular species of eucalyptus gum, pervaded the whole house with it's sweet, soft & refreshing bouquet. It was a particular delightful, making me feel I was right at home, in Australia.
These eggs have been featuring in our family's Easter decorations since our children were in primary school. Some are hand painted, marbled by the children from a purchase at The Royal Easter Show, as it was then known. Others I covered with fabrics, ribbons & other trimmings, while some are hand blown, and covered with dried Hyderange, macaroni, or even feathers the children collected from the forest floor.

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