Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year, 2020..

It is hard to believe it is a week since we celebrated Christmas and today we celebrate a New Year and New Decade. In most instances time flies so fast, while other times it drags. Not too much of the dragging of late. Life has been so very busy, with fun and pleasurable experiences.  We were  invited to share the festivities with family and friends, however we declined this time because of the travelling,  opting to be at home.   

The celebratory season  in the southern  hemisphere, is summer time.  Warm days  and of course the end of the school year, so many folk enjoy a long holiday break.

I  love Christmas and this time of the year. One can usually feel the excitement in the air and for many,  it is normally contagious. This year has had a very different atmosphere.  Sadly our country continues to suffer further widespread, raging bush fires, loss of property,  also loss of lives. Both gallant fire fighters and some who have lost their lives, after choosing to stay, to try and protect their property.  No Joy for these folk, their loved ones,  their towns and communities. We were blessed with gentle rain on our way home on Christmas Eve, What a delight to see it caressing parched ground, gardens and lawns. It fell softly through the night with a very heavy downpour at 6am Christmas Day. Not a drop of rain since, with none forecast anytime soon. The drought continues.

We had a delicious Christmas Dinner of ham, roasted stuffed turkey breast,
roast pumpkin, potato, local fresh king prawn and mango salads and dressings.

Our climate does not bode well for traditional Christmas Pudding. This year  I chose to  make a cold treat for our Christmas fare.  

A White Chocolate Cheese cake with  raspberries and shards pf pistachio, and pepita 

                    Only 357 days till we celebrate this event once again. Let's hope our scorched and blackened land, will soon be rejuvenated with cool and refreshing rain, to enhance regrowth and greenery. I wish for you all a Happy New Year with many joyful blessings.


  1. I enjoyed glimpses into your Christmas! What a lovely dessert and table. It breaks my heart to read about the fires in Australia... will certainly keep you all in my prayers. ♥

  2. I've been praying continuously for the awful fires in your land. So many are. It's awful to read and hear about the homes, trees and people lost as well as all the animals. I'm now your newest follower. Thank you for stopping in to my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Hugs and Stitches to you. LindaLee