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Friday, January 5, 2018

First Stitching for 2018

This year I have decided to have a goal plan for my stitching projects. I have a few  projects that  have been started & filed in the "to do" folder. Maybe that should read the "to Complete " file.
A collection below for both files.

First & foremost I have a large quilt to be hand quilted.
Two, a small sampler see below. started years ago.
Three, a large Moira Blackburn Sampler,  fabric gridded only, threads organized.
Four, a Just Nan, Halloween,  3D piece, not started.
Five,  a Just Nan, Halloween, 3D piece, started 10 years ago, 30% completed.
Six,  a Just Nan, Christmas 3D piece , not  started.
2 small Halloween ornaments yet to be chosen for exchanges.
2 small Christmas ornaments, yet to be chosen,for exchanges.

 It seems like an ambitious list,  so  nothing better than a challenge to see how one travels.

This is 'My Beloved' from Country Cottage Needleworks. It has been waiting for completion for some years. Why it was abandoned way back then, I can no longer remember.   As I work on it,  I am thinking it is a quick stitch. I hope to have this one completed and removed from my "to complete" list  by the end of the weekend. Enjoy, Kay.


  1. Quite a list, but a year is a long time, have fun!

  2. Good luck with your stitching goals, Kay.