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Monday, June 6, 2011

Time to brush off the cobwebs.

I was reading other blogs this morning & thought I would perhaps, attempt to keep my blog up to date. Guess I have the wonderful work I've viewed, to thank for my renewed inspiration. It is quite uplifting to look at the array of breath taking stitching, patchwork, artwork, scenery, floral & animal photos, to mention but a few, which have renewed my interest.

My hand stitching has consisted mostly of completing the top of my hexagon quilt. I did manage to do so in the allotted time I had set myself, after abandoning it for three months from November last.. When it was together & hanging for observation & contemplation, I did alter a few of the hexagon placements, but nothing major. It has been folded and waiting since April, to be photographed. The next step is to put it together with the wadding & backing layers, then to start the hand quilting. I don't plan to do that this year, as I've a few other projects I plan to move to the completed list, first.

I've spent time dress making, something I've not done for what seems like a hundred years. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the process. One does have something to show for one's effort, sooner, than with cross stitch or patchwork, :) I've made several tops, along with a merino cardigan & I'm currently working on completing an overcoat.

Here is my completed quilt top.

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  1. The quilt looks great, something I have not yet learned to do or make any type of clothing. Maybe someday I will learn finally.Sounds like you have been keeping busy though!