Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Travel.

We had a very pleasant crossing of Cook Strait, to my delight on December 23rd. The weather was sunny and bright and the sea was calm.
The children were not bored and had lots of games to play to keep them occupied for the 3 hour trip to Picton.
We arrived a tad early in Picton and set off immediately for Christchurch.
It was interesting to see snow still on the mountains in the distance, the day proir to Christmas Eve.
We stopped at a spot on the coast before Kaikoura for lunch, although, the lunch I chose, was the worst Ceasar Salad I 've ever encountered. The three boys had a run along the beach and the adults enjoyed the scenery and the setting, before heading further south. A stop was made before, Kaikoura, for a couple of fresh crayfish. We had a quick look at the seal colony as some of them basked in the warm sunshine.

We took a break in Kaikoura, looking at the shops and checking the scenery. Kaikoura is a very popular spot for whale watching tours, not that we had time to experience one of those, this time.
This photo is from the south of Kaikoura, looking back to the north west. After a latte, we headed off to complete the 315 klm drive down the South Island to our destination. IMHO driving those klms, even only as a passenger along with the crossing, was about my limit for a day's travel.

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