Tuesday, January 19, 2010

During the school holidays, we spent some time at the waterfront, taking the boys to the small inner harbour. Nicholas and Joshua loved the paddle boats, enjoying an hour or so, with Sandy, as they manoevred the little craft past the wharf and across to the beach area, near the rowing club. Later we stopped at the quay so all the boys could enjoy an ice cream.

They were also keen to have a turn within the Aqua Ball, a large clear plastic ball, as they watched older children walk and, fall many times, in the tethered structure. We suggested they needed to be a tad older, promising to allow them a turn next summer. You can see the clear plastic ball behind the paddle boat. I must admit, it did look like allot of fun, even for an adult. As I contemplate a turn, I would hope falling would make for a soft landing.

We have been having anything but summer weather here in Wellington this season. Today we travelled up country to Palmerston North, where summer was certainly playing a leading role. A really glorious sunny day, around 26C with a very slight but cooling breeze, for which I was truly grateful.
The drive north on Highway 1 along the Kapiti Coast, was really very pretty. The sea was so calm, ebbing the shore, as the gulls frolicked on the rocks and sand. Usually when we drive the coast road, the prevailing Northerly, churns up the water's edge making it look quite foreboding. Further along, we passed beautiful green pastures where crops of corn, potatoes & spring onions looked to be thriving. The lush green paddocks with grazing dairy cows and black faced sheep, looked very picturesque beneath towering mountains, bathed in a soft blue haze. Along the road the vibrant blue of wind blown Agapanthus and Hydrangea punctuated homestead gardens and long paddocks.
To add to my delight, I visited the local needlework and patchwork stores. Always a treat to find something different to actually fondle, or, to purchase and bring home. In Wellington there are two patchwork stores, one of which, also carries needlework supplies. More options work for me, coming from Sydney, where much is on offer.

Tomorow, one of my stitching groups returns for 2010, while Friday will see our house group meeting here at my home. Over the holiday period, I completed a couple of small items for Christmas gifts. Needle cases, ornaments and decorated floss holders. I managed two WIPs during this time. One is a Shepherd's Bush needle roll, started before we left Australia. In the move, some items from the kit were misplaced & it has been languishing in my stash. I also started a Quaker piece, as a memorial stitch to my late, very dear, beautful Mother. Her birthday anniversary was last Monday week. I chose Quaker Seasons, by My Big Toe, a quote from Ecclesiates 3:1 from The Holy Bible. I am stitching it on 32ct cream, Belfast linen, with Threadworxs overdyed Floss, Cherry Cola 01038. I know my Mother would love the colour and the name of the thread.
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