Sunday, July 11, 2021

It has been a couple pf months since I published to my blog. I am somewhat over this new, time consuming, ill conceived platform. Seems like many other bloggers are well and truly over this uninspired application, as well. Until now, I had always enjoyed the blogging process
Since this post was started we have experieced a major weather event on the Mid North Coast. Many homes and properties were lost, along with vehicles and stock whuch were swept down raging rivers and out to sea. We live on a hill, so flooding was not something we anticipated. However, with such a torrent, that lasted for several days, we too experienced a 5cm flood to our downstairs. My DH's new office, our front foyer and my very large sewing room were inundated. That was the 21st of March. In the last couple of weeks we have had drainage installed in our rear garden, ordered new double front doors and entered our projects on supplier’s lists, for when it is our turn for restoration. A couple of weeks ago, after much procrastionation and obfuscation from the assessors, our insurance company stepped in and paid part of our claim. It will be great to get back to normal in the near future. We have the new double front doors ordered, the plasterer has beem in to make repairs and in the next week or so, the concrete floors will be scraped/ground level again to have new florring laid. Then new storgae builtin cupboards, painting and finally restoring all furniture. It will be great to move back into my sewing room. This is but a memory now, three months hence. Our quilting group was unable to have our weekly meetings until all flood water had receded and plumbing problems eliminated. We have now returned to our weekly group meetings, with relish.
Our front doors have been partly installed and as of today, they are undercoated and waiting for the final coat The concrete floors were levelled and sealed this morning, thankfully the new flooring will start to be laid next week. It is great to have this progress, while we still wait for final settlement from the insurance company for contents and the correct amount for carpet replacement. I remain, ever grateful that we are soon to be restored to a place for everything and everything in it's place, oh what joy for us both. An upgate as of July 11th. The doors can't be completed until the slate doorstep is installed, so as to attach architraves at the correct height. The slate preparation is waiting to be cut to the correct size. Another 2 weeks before it is ready. Dovetailing tradesmen is a marathon effort, so we still wait. Thankfully I have been working on the garden, however with several large palm varieties in out rear garden, it is rather frightening to be underneath a falling frond. So next week, we have decided to have all remaining palms removed. Hopefully we will be closer to finishing some restorative work on the interior of our home. K

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New Fabrics Recently Came to Live at My Home.

 I mentioned in a previous post that I purchased a lovely piece of fabric while visiting a great patchwork store up along the Mid North Coast, on a recent visit. 

About a week prior to that trip North, we ventured to another great patchwork store to the South, where a few pieces of wonderful fabric, also came home to live at my home.  

At this stage, I don't have a project in mind where any of these fabrics will be featured, although that could change at any time.  On both occasions, we had a delicious lunch while visiting and an enjoyable trip both there and on the return. 

At present, I'm working on EPP with a clamshell pattern, it will be a cushion, eventually, along with a monthly, smalls, ornament cross stitch piece. Photos in a later post. Enjoy.


Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Trip to the North.

 We had a very enjoyable trip north last Saturday, to Coffs Harbour. We hadn't been that way for at least 18 months, so way back during drought times. The Pandemic had curtailed our explorations, last year. The countryside was freshly washed in much rain and the forests, bushland and pastures, along the way, were lush and bathed in vibrant greens.

It was a lovely day with a very slight shower, as I ventured into a lovely Patchwork and Quilting store and brought home a lovely piece of fabric to live at my home. After that, we ventured to the wharf for a seafood meal, checking the menus before committing to any establishments. We were disappointed with what was on offer, so moved to another venue, near the beach, to the north. We had a delicious luncheon and a cold white wine, while overlooking the board riders and folk walking the breakwater. 

We then moved to the south side beach for a delicious coffee, along with a treat each. DH chose a Chocolate muffin, while I chose a white chocolate and raspberry muffin. They were served warm and were scrumptious.

After our afternoon tea, it was time to turn for home.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Special Parcel From a Very Dear Friend.

 You can guess that a parcel from a dear friend is something very special. My parcel was indeed, such a special gift. This first photo shows, two very comical cross stitch charts, from Petal Pusher, designs, several small, mostly unattainable, different frames, along with a couple of magnetic photo frames. The top cross stitch pattern called "Bat Pig, "  reminded me of a time when my very DH had placed a pink pig with wings, hanging from the ceiling of his office where he worked. I asked why it was hanging in his office when visiting one day? He said, the folk he was designing for, proposed  ideas that equated to "Pigs might fly." The second chart also made me chuckle. It is titled  "Heavenly Hog" depicting a pig with wings, wearing a very cute expression, looking very demure. The name really appealed, after all, "Heavenly Pig" would have hardly gained my attention.

In the second photo, there were delightful Halloween buttons, cross-stitch needles, along with gift tags with pretty ribbon ties. I was thrilled with my gift parcel.  Many thanks to my very dear friend, of many years, hugs to you dear Karen.  Enjoy

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Started a New Book.


I started reading a new novel by Australian Author, Natasha Lester. 78 pages in, light out at 12:45am and  I am captivated once more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Stiching Completd on February MOSC.

 I completed the cross-stitching for this month's ornament challenge, last night. This morning I couldn't find it anywhere. After searching the washing load, the bins, pulling furniture out and lifting cushions, I was a tad stressed. Thinking about it after a few hours of frustration, I wondered if I had taken it into my sewing room to check on suitable Christmas themed fabric,  for the finishing. Yes. It was there, thankfully. Stitching another lacks the original appeal unless of course, one plans to do several the same from the outset. Here is the photo. It is stitched with DMC Varigations on cream linen. Now to finish into an ornament. Enjoy, K


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Finally a Photo of January Monthly Ornament.

 I remembered to take the photo today, of the January MOSC i.e. Monthly Ornament Smalls Challenge.

So here it is,  a patchwork effort for a Santa, I did make one of these ornaments once before, as a gift, in 2016 for a fellow stitcher, in one of my Stitching groups. The recipient was thrilled, so way back then I did promise myself one, for me. It has taken a wee while to have one of my own, all ready for next Christmas.  Enjoy.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

February Update.

 I've managed to keep on track with my expectations for both January and February, although I haven't kept up with photographing all items. Below is my progress for the February, Monthly Ornament Smalls Challenge as at February 17th.  I still have a few days to get it completed, I just haven't been able to comfortably settle to stitch over the last few weeks. Hopefully, it will all resolve itself this week.

 We have been promised more rain over the last few weeks, although not a drop eventuated, until Thursday this week. Yesterday and overnight the heavens opened and it fell all day, today. The garden looks refreshed, lush and delighted, not quite so clear through the insect screens, however too wet to venture out to photograph.

Better luck tomorrow in between showers, perhaps.

Late this afternoon, my Very Dear Husband went out nearby on an errand. Along the way, a Koala was sitting in the middle of the roadway and it appeared to be confused.  He stopped the car and picked the little one up from the roadway, walked it over to the forest, with close by Eucalypts.  The Koala was content to be collected in his strong arms and when released, away from the road, ventured up a large gumtree. DH said the Koala appeared to be distressed, with two bite marks on its'  back. Maybe it had been attacked by a dog. Unfortunately, he could not place it in his vehicle as he had

nothing to restrain the Koala. They are such sweet little creatures, I love how they scamper up the correct tree trunks, when up far enough to feel safe, they stop and look back at you, before moving further up the tree. We are certainly blessed to live where many of these engaging animals dwell. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Happy Australia Day.

 We were up and away early today for Australia Day celebrations with company.

 We celebrated Australia Day by the beach with the surf behaving well on this special day. So many folk were at the beach and many people were at beaches along the way as we drove down the coast. At Lake Cathie, there were few parks left at 7am. On our return, four hours later, the parking was all along the roadside, beyond the designated car park. The beaches were packed, within restrictions and many families were enjoying playing in the shallow water between the surf and the bridge.

We returned to the beachfront cafe, we visited last Thursday for afternoon tea. We enjoyed Champagne and a delicious breakfast overlooking a calmer scene. However, this morning, the temperature rose to 34C. Even though it was very hot, we had a wonderful, cooling, sea breeze, blowing in over our very long tables. The restaurant was decorated appropriately with light blue balloons, featuring our beautiful flag, small toothpick flags, small flags in the table foliage pots and Australian decorated plates and napkins.

Today, the restaurant was closed for our private function with 51 of us commemorating and enjoying our National Day.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Afternoon Tea at the Beach.

 On Thursday after Quilting group, we drove down the coast a wee way to check out the location for our Australia Day Breakfast gathering. The restaurant had recently changed names and we were not sure of the exact address, not that we had been to visit under the previous name. It is an early start tomorrow, so now we can go there directly.

It looks like any beach however, there were marine warnings issued for large swells, for all of last week.

This is how it changed very quickly, as a new set arrived. The waves were breaking from well out to sea, to the edge of the car park road, at the shoreline. We haven't visited this area before, although on calm days, one can see the beach from the roadway south, from here right up to Lighthouse Beach, several miles to the north.

Just white froth all the way for this very long beach, approximately 8-10 Klms from Tacking Point Lighthouse. 

We sat on the balcony overlooking the seashore view, with a delightful afternoon tea of carrot cake and white chocolate pecan tart. K.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Two Birthday Gifts.

 Two stitching friends celebrated their birthdays in January.

They are members of my Quilting group and have been supportive friends during my time as a member. On the day I joined our group, one of these friends was also a new member. I have relished her quick,  dry wit, on quilting days, ever since. Amazingly it is very similar to my very dear husband's sense of humour, which I am blessed with, several times a day.

           Both friends were thrilled with their gifts.  Making such items gives me great joy, with a few more of these items to make as the year progresses. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Welcome 2021, A New Year Beginning.


We ushered the New Year in with relish. A different celebratory meal from last week, although we did have the delicious pudding for sweets, for the second time. The pudding turned as superbly as the very first one. Extremely scrumptious and moist. It was served with Brandy Sauce and fresh pouring cream.

It is almost time to dismantle all the decorations, it makes the house look really bare for a day or so., then it all seems normal once more, till Christmas this year.

We are looking forward to a year ahead of much promise and joy. It has been rather wet so far and it is only the third of January. Our garden is loving all the rain and the plants are dancing.

I'm stitching Initials for birthday gifts for friends, two are needed by the end of this week. Then back to another piece half finished. A photo of the first two, later this week and the third, after it is received. I have been contemplating returning to a larger Sampler,  Long Dog's "Virtue," started mid last year. I lost interest because the pattern was so very difficult to read. Trust I'll be able to decipher the symbols when I pick it up next time, here's hoping. Until next time, enjoy.